About Waterfallz

In 2018, two young Canadian musicians
introduce their songs and music style to the world.

Canadian musicians Raghav Vamaraju and Robert Brinton have combined their talents to form ‘Waterfallz’ and the result is musical magic to be enjoyed by all.

Heartfelt lyrics, enchanting vocals, and unique instrumental stylings carry the listener away to a musical oasis.  With contemporary appeal and classical roots, this special blend of talents creates music that appeals to listeners of all ages and crosses over many music genres.

Waterfallz is an independently produced music project based from a home recording studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

The ‘Waterfallz Studio’ is where we record and share our music with the world.

Icon Icon Over 25,000 views in 2020! Icon Icon 15 Singles Icon Icon 3 Band Members Icon Icon 5 Years of music

The Waterfallz Vision

Waterfallz music is categorized by music distributors as ‘Easy listening’,
‘Adult Alternative’, ‘Contemplative’ & ‘Contemporary Folk’.

But when Waterfallz produces a new song it’s not about fitting into a category. Waterfallz simply wants to produce and share beautiful music with the world that touches and lifts the human spirit.

We believe that beautiful music has no expiry date because it captures the common, timeless emotions that bond us all as human beings. And, it is a true honour every time someone listens to one of our songs.

Waterfallz Music Members

Raghav Vamaraju
Vocals,Vocal arrangements

Robert Brinton
Arrangements, Guitar, Sound Engineer

K. Gregory Ryan
Song Writer, Music Director


Raghav Vamaraju - Vocals

Raghav is a classically trained vocalist, pianist, music composer, recording artist and stage performer. His unique vocal styling of Waterfallz songs reflects a broad spectrum of music training and wide musical influences. Raghav thanks all WaterFallz listeners for listening and sharing. And, is looking forward to sharing manymore songs with the world.


Robert Brinton - Guitar

Robert is a graduate of the Grant McKeown University Music Program majoring in guitar. He is a multi-style guitar player, recording artist, performer, composer, arranger, teacher and sound engineer. His recording and performance career spans heavy metal to jazz to classical music. Robert thanks everyone who listens to Waterfallz songs. And, he looks forward to growing the Waterfallz audience and performing Waterfallz songs to live audiences.