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What is Dreamscales?

Hypnopedic Music Sessions

A unique listening experience and music training supplement for Vocalists, Instrumentalists,
Music Teachers, Music Students and Music Lovers of all ages and music genres.


For Music Students

Hypnopedic Music Sessions Sessions

Sing along with DreamScales for a fun and relaxing way to enhance your vocal training and performance skills. Play your instrument along with DreamScales to enhance finger speed, note accuracy and transposing skills.

For a Hypnopedic (sleep learning) music experience simply close your eyes, relax and listen to DreamScales once a day. You will hear positive results in your music performance.

For Musicians


Hypnopedic Music Sessions

Sing along to polish your tone, pitch, phrasing, reflexes and performance skills. Listen to DreamScales while relaxing for a Hypnopedic Musical Fitness Session. Play along with DreamScales  on your instrument to enhance speed, accuracy and transposing skills.

Stay in key and add your own notes and tones to the DreamScale.
Make it your own.


For Music Teachers

Hypnopedic Music Sessions Sessions

Provide your students with the link to the Waterfallz DreamScales and ask them to listen to each module once a day while in a relaxed state of mind. Ask your students to sing or play along with the DreamScales for a fun and effective practice method.

Waterfallz DreamScales is a relaxing and effective way for your students to enhance their vocal and instrument skills and sharpen musical reflexes.

For Young Children


Hypnopedic Music Sessions

Introducing a child to classical music notes and patterns as early as possible will help set the stage for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and academic success. Numerous studies have shown that exposing children to classically structured music helps to develop processes formed in the brain that are the basis for advanced intellectual and cognitive tasks and future academic success.

Listening to DreamScales regularly will enhance a child’s pitch recognition, note recognition, melody processing, rhythm, vocal skills and creative musical imagery.

How does it work?

Simply download DreamScales and play for your infant or toddler. Then… let the musical magic take effect.

A lullaby to help your child sleep

A learn, relax and sleep music lesson

A soothing ambient sound during your child’s daily activities that imprints classical music patterns, notes and tones in a gentle relaxing way.

DreamScales is an easy, effective and enjoyable way of providing any child with the musical gift of a lifetime


Stress Melting

The soothing power of music is well-established.

Music has a powerful link to our emotions and can be an extremely effective stress management resource. Listening to music has a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially soothing classical music.

Close your eyes, listen, relax and let the musical magic of DreamScales melt your stress away.

Sing & Play Along

Making music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce stress, lessen anxiety and depression and create bonding between people.

Dopamine, a “feel-good hormone” is released every time you listen to music you like.
Listening to music with someone else also releases prolactin, a hormone that bonds people together. So, listen and sing along for a feel good music experience! Or… bring a friend to sing along with you for an excellent musical bonding experience/creative workout.